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    From SSSS: "Our philosophy is that high-quality audio hardware and a low price point need not be mutually exclusive - we have operated studios on strict budgets, and understand the need to make every dollar count. Our designs are innovative and unique. We start each product with a clean slate, not looking to recreate vintage units, but rather to build something fresh, that can stand on its own merits. Finally, we work to keep our manufacturing within the United States whenever possible our PCBs, metalwork, and product assembly as well as all testing are done right here in Colorado, USA. Furthermore, whenever possible, key components are American made."

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    Each unit is covered by a two years warranty. Abuse will void the warranty otherwise we will replace or repair the unit as soon as possible.

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    We will gladly match any lower online price. Outside the EU: Paypal is preferred. Within the EU: Bank wire preferred, ESPECIALLY for pro users requiring a commercial invoice. Otherwise Credit Card / Paypal payments are accepted, please use the online Paypal cart on this page for Paypal payments. Note: Please always give your European VAT N if you have one as well as your telephone N.

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    We do our best to keep the products on this page in stock at all times.

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    We offer premium packing - transit damage is pretty much impossible. We trust UPS as well as Bpost. Feel free to ask for a UPS quote. We will agree to ship with cheaper options with no tracking N but only at your own risk. Please always provide a phone number when ordering, as required by Bpost and UPS for delivery. Local customers are also welcome to pick up the goods at our office.

Currently available Square State products:

Solid State Audio Processors:

  • Model One B:

    Single channel, three band Inductor based equalizer.

    Our opinion: Surprisingly good single channel solid state Inductor based handmade (USA) EQ. More flexible than most Pultec clones with similar characteritics. Incredible price/performance ratio.

    • The Square State Solid State Model 1B is a single channel, three band equalizer housed in a 1 RU chassis. The equalizer stages are comprised of inductor-capacitor filters, components commonly found in classic EQs. The EQ offers 6 frequency selections per band, each offering roughly 20 dB of cut/boost. The bell-shaped (bandpass) response curves are broader than similar equalizers, lending themselves to a very musical sound. Additionally, the high and low frequency bands offer both shelving and bell responses. Using the bells on the high and low frequencies allows the operator to address a more specific sonic region than a shelving filter.
    • The Model1B is well suited to experimentation. It is easy to get to know the controls by running prerecorded tracks, such as CDs or MP3s, through it. Select a frequency with one of the small knobs then listen to the effect of turning the corresponding large knob. The small knob selects a portion of the audio spectrum, and the large knob affects a cut or boost of that portion.
    • Specifications:
      • Size: 1 Rack Unit, 6,375" deep.
      • Weight: Approx 5 pounds.
      • Connectors:
        • Electronically Balanced TRS Jack Input: 10K Ohm input impedance, each leg to ground.
        • Impedance Balanced TRS Jack output: 47 Ohm Output impedance.
        • Power: 2.1 mm barrel connector for 15 VAC transformer.
      • Controls:
        • Bypass switch with LED.
        • Low Frequency Band Filter selector switch offering:

          • 75 Hz and 150 Hz low shelving filters
          • 50 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 150 Hz bell filters
          • Continuously variable cut/boost control, approximately +/- 20 dB range.

        • Mid Frequency Band Filter selector switch offering

          • 220 Hz, 350 Hz, 700 Hz, 1.5 KHz, 3 KHz and 6 KHz bells
          • Continuously variable cut/boost control, approximately +/- 20 dB range.

        • High Frequency Band Filter selector switch offering:

          • 7 KHz, 12 KHz and 17 KHz bells
          • 7 KHz, 12 KHz and 17 KHz high shelving filters
          • Continuously variable cut/boost control, approximately +/- 20 dB range.

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