ADK Microphones products:

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  • Overview: Designed By Musicians and Recording Engineers… For Musicians and Recording Engineers. It took three microphone experts including a PhD in Physics, a design genius in Belgium, 10 Grammy Winning Engineers and a 40 year-old microphone collection to create these microphones. Keeping this in mind the microphones were designed to enable you to tailor the microphone to the situation and obtain new textures, with rarely the need for outboard processors or even equalization. This alone will save you hours of chasing your tail when mixing as your sounds will sit well in the mix to begin with...

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Currently available ADK products:

Studio and stage condenser microphones:

  • ZEUS:

    Just in time for ADK's 20th Anniversary! Zeus is a Multi-Tasking Tube Mic at an excellent price for project and professional studios worldwide. More functional than ADK's original flagship TT with more features and better specs. With a radically different look than previous ADK models, Zeus is meant to be the center piece of any budget studio as well as a unique new tool for higher end studios looking for something new and different. Roughly based on the U67 family, Zeus yields familiar tones and excels on all applications where a tube condenser is required: all vocals, amplified instruments, strings, horns, room, percussion... with the help of the LF and HF switches you can get great tracks with very little EQ needed down the line.

    Our opinion: Unique, flexible "all rounder" affordable tube mic with 3 patterns and ADK's exclusive HPF and LPF combination. The darkest HF contour position is especially nice in Fig-8 when you'd like the HF response of a ribbon but with better S/N ratio. Great value.


    • Multi-pattern tube condenser microphone.
    • Mix of modern and Vintage style and technology.
    • Developped from the original ADK TT circuit.
    • All controls are located on the microphone itself.
    • The main feature is the high frequency contour switch, yielding a very neutral, lifelike response in the "flat/neutral" mode.


    • Video: ADK Microphones - Zeus presentation: Click here


    • Unique 3-way High-Frequency switch: Mellow, Neutral or Brilliant Tone.
    • Two way pad to tailor dynamic range.
    • Two way HP filter to tailor bass response.
    • Class-A Tube circuit with transformer balanced output stage.
    • Extra capsule QC during manufacture.
    • Stable, low noise power supply circuit.
    • Vintage styled PSU.
    • Backlit lightening cut-out on the front and open vent on the back.
    • Delivered in a flightcase with all accessories:
      • Both swivel and shockmount.
      • 3 pin and 7 pin cables, mains (power) cable.
      • Wood box for the mic
      • Pop filter
      • Power Supply


    • Polar pattern: Omni/Cardioid /Figure of 8.
    • Sensitivity: 14mV/Pa = -37dBV (at 94dBSPL) +/- 2dBs.
    • Output Impedance: 200 Ohms nominal.
    • S/N Ratio: 78dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4) typical.
    • Equivalent noise level: 16dB (A-Weighted IEC 268-4 typical).
    • Max. SPL: 124dB SPL / 132 dB SPL / 142 dB SPL
    • Low cut filter (HPF): FLAT/ 100Hz / 150Hz.
    • High cut filter (LPF): FLAT/ 12KHz / 15KHz.
    • Power requirements: included power supply
    • Ask us for pair matching.


    • ZEUS / complete set as described above: 699€ Exc. VAT / 845,79€ Inc. VAT. SPECIAL ORDER - PLEASE EMAIL US!

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  • Note: all ADK models shown below come in a velvet lined black gloss wood case:

  • Hamburg / Vienna Mk8 (with "S" shockmount):

    The ADK Vienna Mk8 is the upgraded version of the popular ADK Vienna Edition with a more fine-tuned response-curve designed to replicate a vintage late 1960’s Austrian tube (Valve) Mic. The Vienna Mk 8 offers a bright, but not thin, tone. The Hamburg Mk8 is the upgraded version of the popular Hamburg Edition with a more fine-tuned response-curve designed to replicate a vintage late 1950’s German Tube (Valve) Mic. The Hamburg Mk 8 offers a mellow, robust Tone with presence but no harshness. Both models aren't direct clones of any past microphones but rather offer similar tone from a more modern platform, borrowing from what made Vintage mics desirable over time.

    Our opinion: These deliberately coloured mics can be used when their sonic qualities are required to capture the source with either a relatively natural but smooth tone (Hamburg) or a more present, brighter tone (Vienna) without totaly changing the original sound. A good modern and affordable alternative to some of the Vintage classics. Surprisingly good performance and tone at this price.


    • Single pattern (Cardioid) FET condenser microphones.
    • Developped from the original ADK Hamburg and Vienna models models from 2003.
    • The Hamburg is very useful for sources needing a rounder tone, it has a natural "smoothness”; historically the classic German tone.
    • The Vienna has a distinctive “Sheen” that is flattering on many music styles; historically the vintage Austrian tone.


    • Classic Grille design.
    • Proprietary large diaphragm capsule.
    • Fixed Cardioid polar pattern.
    • Moderate-high SPL handling (126dB Max SPL without pad).
    • Class A FET / Bipolar electronics.
    • Transformer output.
    • 14dB Pad.
    • High-Pass Filter.
    • Quality alloys used for all metal body parts.
    • Delivered in a wooden box.
    • Comes with a swivel mount.
    • Shockmount is also included!


    • Polar pattern: Cardioid only.
    • Sensitivity: 15mv/Pa +/- 2dBs.
    • Output Impedance: 200 Ohms nominal.
    • S/N Ratio: 81dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4).
    • Equivalent noise level: 13dB (A-Weighted IEC 268-4).
    • Max SPL @ 0.5%THD: 126dB / 140dB (with pad).
    • Low cut filter (HPF): Flat/ 89Hz .
    • Power requirements: Phantom Power 48V ±4V.
    • Ask us for pair matching.

    Vienna Mk8 frequency response (typical, averaged / smoothed):

    Hamburg Mk8 frequency response (typical, averaged / smoothed):


    • ADK VIENNA MK8 + "S" shockmount: 260€ Exc. VAT / 314,60€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • ADK HAMBURG MK8 + "S" shockmount: 260€ Exc. VAT / 314,60€ Inc. VAT. OUT OF STOCK.

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